A family business.

Jim Nafus, Sr. is a licensed refrigeration engineer, and has managed an outdoor rink in New Jersey since the 1970's. He was also a long-time owner of the Mid-Atlantic Zamboni® distributorship, during which time he combined his extensive knowledge of ice re-surfacing and rink operating experience to present seminars in ice maintenance, painting and ice resurfacing, nationwide, for ISI, Frank J. Zamboni Company, NHL facilities, and many others.

Jim Nafus, Jr. has spent most of his time in and around the ice rink industry since age 10. He has had an enormous breadth of experience from using his knowledge as a licensed red-seal refrigeration engineer to help run an outdoor rink close to our warehouse to painting rinks all across the country. In addition, he works extensively for the current Mid-Atlantic Zamboni® distributor, doing on-site ice maintenance and resurfacer operation training (including instructing at S.T.A.R. classes).

100% Made in America.

Unlike others, Naf's is one of a very few ice paints to be completely, 100% made in America — and among the first to be manufactured here. More than simply a matter of pride, this also means we have more control over the ingredients and the process.