Naf's Spray Systems


Up until early June of 2010, our spray systems (and white paint) has also been sold by Becker Arena Products. Because they no longer represents our company, we have the opportunity to offer our spray systems to the customers at a reduced price. Please contact us for more details.

  • Twin 55-gallon tank system.
  • Offers ability to simultaneously mix paint while painting the ice.
  • Reduces time to paint rink since there is no stopping to mix paint.
  • Hose (and rink crew) never have to leave the ice when painting.
  • 100 gallon tank stores enough paint for 1 coat.
  • Flexible connections means pump and tank can rest on uneven ground.
  • Comes with electric mixer (not shown)
  • 100 gallon tank.
  • Mounted on solid wood cart with urethane finish and removable handle (cart is 36" wide x 72" long).
  • Manual wind hose reel and 250’ ice making hose.

All spray systems come with:

  • Genuine (and extremely reliable) Honda 5.5 hp pump and motor with protective frame (not a Honda motor with some aftermarket pump)

  • Tanks with calibrated gallon measurements MOLDED onto the tank - not a sticker that can come off like other companies use.

  • All tanks are made from thick-walled HDPE plastic that resists flexing and adds longevity to the tank bottom

  • Recirculating lines to keep paint mixed while painting and relieve pressure when wand is turned off

  • Suction and discharge assembly
    • Suction and recirculating lines are made from flexible hose so the system may be used on an uneven surface.

  • 10' spay wand for easy application of ice paint

  • 1" Ice making hose

  • Mixer:
    • Electric motor with a stainless steal shaft/coupling, aluminum blade, and powder coated tank mount prevent rust while keeping the motor up and away from the paint level (standard for 100 gallon tanks)
    • Ribbon mixer for customer-supplied cordless drill (standard for double-tank systems)

  • Hose Reel (optional)

    Since each system is made to order, anything may be added, removed or modified to meet your needs.

Advantages of the OMG! Spray Wand

  • Quick disconnect for simple attaching and removing the spray wand form your hose.

  • Paint the ice in 10 foot wide paths (reduces painting time over garden nozzles)

  • 14 removable/cleanable spray heads apply paint through a fine mist allowing for almost instant freezing of the paint.

  • Spray nozzles lock into position to ensure that the paint is evenly applied and spray patterns do not collide with each other.
  • Removable legs are completely separated from the paint (means no more clogged spray heads from dried paint left in the legs)

  • Breaks down into easy to store sections

  • Can be used with any ice paint on the market including our OMG! Base Coat White.

  • Each wand is hand made with utmost attention to detail. When completed each is polished to a nice shine.