Our Products

Our fine products stand at the core of our success. Our customers love what our paints do for their rinks, and we stand behind all of our products and accessories 100%.

  • OMG! White Base Coat White - Patented formula provides a brighter and whiter skating surface by reflecting more light than the competition's paint. Click for more info »

  • OMG! Spray Systems and Spray Wands - Naf's spray systems include a traditional 100 gallon tank system, a self contained system on a cart, and a newly designed double-tank system that can reduce the white painting time by up to 70%. Our easy-to-use 10' spray wand makes applying the base-coat white a snap. Click for more info »

  • Colored Ice Paint - Naf's Ice Paints has both line and PMS colors available. Click for more info »

  • Line Kits - We offer paper, fabric, and vinyl line kits to save you time and money. Click for more info »

  • In-Ice Logos - Both vinyl and pounce-pattern logos. Click for more info »

  • Rink Clean - A no-scrub non-toxic puck mark remover and cleaning product. Click for mor info »