Naf's BriteWhite Base Coat


Up until early June of 2010, all of our white paint (and spray systems) has also been sold by Becker Arena Products under either the "LuminIce Basic" or "Lumin Ice Pro" label. Because Becker Arena Products no longer represents our company, anyone looking for either of these products may purchase those them directly through Naf's Ice Paints. Naf's BriteWhite Base Coat was previously sold under the LuminIce Basic label.

Naf's BriteWhite Base Coat was designed to provide great coverage at a reasonable price.

How much paint do you need?

Each coat on an NHL sized rink requires 5 bags of paint. We recommend 3 coats of paint (15 bags total) for most rinks.

What is the best applicator for Naf's BriteWhite Base Coat?

A spray wand designed specifically for painting ice rinks. We offer our own spray wand and painting systems for easy application of the base coat paint.

Some rinks paint the ice with a garden hose and sprayer. While it will make your ice white, this method uses up an incredibly large amount of paint (up to double the amount necessary) and can lead to uneven application leaving light and dark spots on the ice.

If you already have a spray system from another company, Naf's Standard Base Coat can be used in the system you have. Our formula may be used in any commercially available ice painting spray system without damage. The only drawback is that you will not get as fine a mist out of other spray wands as with ours.