In-Ice Logos

Naf's Ice Paints offers a selection of either pounce-pattern logos or our new vinyl logos. Send your logo to (in either .eps file or high resolution .jpg) along with the desired dimensions, and we will provide a competitive quote.

Vinyl Logos
Painted Logos
  • Reusable year after year.

  • Can use complex images (including gradients from one color to another - like the our logo found at the top of the page).

  • Will not bleed if ice melts or cut too close to the logo.

  • Can pay for itself in as few as 2 installations (depending on logo detail).

  • Easily moved or repositioned during installation process
  • Higher initial investment (but pays for itself quickly with reduced labor costs).

  • Care must be taken to prevent accidental cutting out with ice resurfacer.

  • Quality of final product greatly depends on quality of image sent.
  • Low initial cost.
  • Time consuming to install.

  • Will bleed if ice melts (power failure) or cut to close to logo.

  • Can only use solid colors (no gradients).

  • Pounce patterns are fragile and messy