A proud, independent history. A passion for perfection.

The ice rink industry is unlike any other, with unique needs, requirements and demands.

Jim Nafus, Sr. has known this for 40 years, as does his partner and son Jim Nafus, Jr., who has been in the business for almost 20 years. Together, these two men have established and built Naf’s Ice Paint – perhaps the finest ice paint company in America.

The idea for Naf Ice Paints developed out of a need. The Nafus family had been selling standard brand ice-paints for years, never completely satisfied with the products on the marketplace. They thought some paints were not really that white; others were difficult to mix; still others were just too expensive.

They decided that in order to get a truly superior product, they’d have to develop it themselves. For two years they labored to create the best Ice paint anywhere. Since then, Naf’s Ice Paints have garnered rave reviews from almost every rink that has tried OMG! Premium Base Coat White. Together, the father and son – and their highly experienced teams - are leading the way to higher standard of ice painting.