While we can say what we like to promote our Naf products, to us, our customers opinions are of paramount importance.

"Before using your [OMG! Premium Base Coat] paint, we had to put seven coats of paint down that would take hours and much more manpower. We saved time and money using your paint. The paint could not be any whiter. We have experienced many warm and extremely sunny days during the winter so far. Prior to using your paint, we usually would have lost some of our ice by this time. My staff and I are in amazement on how well the OMG! Premium paint withstood the sun during those days."
- Roosevelt Park, Edison, NJ

"Our concrete was painted white many years ago, but time caused the paint to come up in many places, making the floor hard to cover with ice paint. We were using 12 or more bags of your competition's paint to cover the floor's dark spots. We tried your paint for the first time last year and were blown away by its coverage. 9 bags covered everything completely; in fact, after 2 coats, you could hardly see the dark spots on the cement."
-South Mountain Arena, West Orange, NJ

"Wollman Rink is the largest outdoor rink in the East, and maybe in the country. It is a high profile rink in New York City. We deal with very high heat loads, far more than any indoor rink will ever experience. In the past we used the leading brand's paint. We tried your paint for the first time and, without question, it is far better in refracting heat. This is our 3rd year using your paint, and we love it!"
- Wollman (and Lasker) Rinks, New York, NY

"We paint ice all of the east coast. I tried Naf's OMG! Premium Base Coat, and I think it's probably the best product out there."
- New England Rink Painters, NY