Naf's Rink Clean Puck Mark Remover

Tired of using toxic chemicals or mechanical devices to clean puck marks from your rink?

We certainly were at our facility until we were introduced to a revolutionary product that virtually dissolved the puck marks. With Naf's Rink Clean, we sprayed the product on any smooth surface (in our case, it was our boards), wait 2-3 minutes, and simply wipe the marks away with a towel.

Naf's Rink Clean has been used to clean:

  • Puck Marks on:
    • Boards (if your boards are scratched, marks in those scratches may be difficult to remove without a soft brush to get into the valleys)
    • Glass
    • Aluminum Glass Supports
    • Goal Frames
  • Carpet Stains
  • Grease on the Ice Resurfacer
  • Marker/Ink Stains
  • Bathroom Sinks and Showers
  • Just about Anything Around the Rink

Naf's Rink Clean is 100% environmentally friendly. No worries about breathing in fumes, or getting the product on your skin/ice. It is nearly odorless (a slight soap smell) and can be used on just about any surface around the rink. (Smooth surfaces work best for easy cleanup. Rough/scuffed surfaces may may require a soft plastic-bristle brush to get into the valleys.)

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